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Standing on either a solitary or twin pillars, with a variety of striking metallic-paint finishes, Levanzo brings unforgettable style to every repast.


Along with its clean, definitively modern look, Vidor is a standout example of ergonomic comf

Casa International 2019

Simplicity in aesthetics and comfort: Casa...

 Casa blends aesthetics and comfort while combining art and functionality, presenting futuristic minimalist designs at the pinnacle of style.

Vidor bedding, elegance and comfort in a design that brings together you guarantee a happy sleep.  DISCOVER

The Rosolina dining table undoubtedly becomes a conversation piece for all those who gather around it. DISCOVER

Trevisina has a sense of balance and equilibrium, presented by the refinement of spatial order through chiaroscuro. DISCOVER

The Lipari armchair, with its hidden swivel base and distinctive armrests, allows for comfortable lounging in a grand statement piece. DISCOVER

A Casa piece to complement the way you live...

"You might decorate a space beautifully with a distinctive touch, and it may look spectacular; however, if it doesn't suit the lifestyle of the person living there, all of the effort goes to waste."

Casa bases its product diversity and design excellence on this belief.



    A sister of Filicudi, Panarea is available in an array of shapes and sizes, making it a fabulous addition to any space.


    The Saletto armchair expands on the Saletto dining and Saletto accent chairs, it’s generous proportions making it a genuinely hospitable site of calm and relaxation..